What to Expect

What is a root canal?
Why are root canals necessary?
What can I expect during treatment?
Is root canal therapy painful?
Will root canal therapy save my tooth?
Why might I need additional treatment?
What is endodontic surgery?
Why is follow-up so important?
Why not just pull the tooth?
Why not just pull the tooth?

Root canal therapy may seem like a lot of trouble, but because your “bite” is very complex, when a tooth is lost, it affects the manner in which your entire set of teeth fit together.

A replacement, such as a bridge, is usually needed to compensate for the function of the lost tooth, so problems of occlusion (a bite that does not fit together well) will be minimized.

No replacement is as good as your natural tooth, so every attempt should be made to save what you have. A root canal is done to save your tooth and to make sure that the procedure is effective and long-lasting, regular visits to your dentist are important.

Working together with you and your dentist, we can help maintain the best possible dental care for you.

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