Today’s Endodontic Technology

Rotary Instrumentation
Innovative engine-driven rotary systems and nickel-titanium alloy instruments have replaced stainless steel. Greater flexibility and resistance to fracture in these advanced files allow the endodontist to more effectively clean and shape the root system.

Apex Locators
Apex locators are electronic instruments used to determine the working length and endpoint of the root canal. This cutting-edge technology has a clinical accuracy rate of over 96% which is unaffected by the presence of blood, saliva or electrolytes and allows the endodontist to fill the root system to within 0.5mm of the root apex.

Ultrasonics are sophisticated instruments used to remove obstructions such as posts and metal instruments from the root canal system. They aid in the search for calcified canals and aid in preserving vital tooth structure during apical surgery. Ultrasonics have increased the safety of many endodontic procedures.

Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA)
MTA is a new material used in endodontics to treat perforations, incompletely formed root apices, resorptive defects and other complex situations. MTA has superior biocompatibility with supporting tissues and a great sealing ability than other products.

Surgical Operating Microscope
This microscope allows magnification higher than possible with telescope glasses. It has revolutionized both surgical and conventional root canal treatment. The increased power allows endodontists to visualize the root system in a more precise way and treat difficult cases with greater success.

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